Sergio's bio and how he can express his passion for soccer in t-shirts

Join the Passion!

I’m Sergio Taborda and I would like to share my bio with you.

“Soccer Passion... wear it!” is a continuation of my childhood when I spent hours in my room designing by hand soccer/football uniforms for a table game I had at the time using bottle tops.  When I wasn’t on the streets playing soccer/football with my friends and later in club, I was in my own world in my room with my pencils and newspapers to know the latests transfers news... you know... a transfer meant a new shirt...

We didn’t had computers at the time by the way...

The table soccer/football tournaments went till late hours in the basements of each one of my friends... and needless to say... my teams were the best looking teams on the field... ha...

So, what goes around comes around, right?!?

After 14 years playing professional soccer/football in Europe, with a short spell as a model in the early 90’s, where I had the opportunity to do some work in cities like Lisbon/Portugal, Paris/France,  Dusseldorf/Germany, São Paulo/Brazil, Miami and New York in the U.S.A., I started my coaching career around year 2000’s and in 2012 Victory Soccer Club was founded.

Now, “Soccer Passion... wear it!” born and completes the full circle... I never been so excited and as everything I do... all my passion for soccer/football will be poured into this project.


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